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Krabi is not just a pretty face – this beautiful Thai province with 8 distinct districts, is also one of the top holiday destinations in the world. Located in south west Thailand on the stunning Andaman coast and in an area of outstanding natural beauty, Krabi is home to a colourful population of some 350,000 people too. Buddhists, Muslims, Thai-Chinese, Sea Gypsies and the motley crew of foreigners that form the friendly ex-pat community, all live happily side by side in Krabi’s charming towns and fishing villages. They have gained a collective reputation for lavishing a warm reception on each and every one of Krabi’s visitors – visitors that are flocking to Krabi in ever increasing numbers, either to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime or to investigate putting down roots of their own.

And who can blame them? Krabi is a veritable tropical paradise that boasts a bewitching landscape of towering limestone cliffs, virgin beaches, hidden mangrove forests, seductive islands and an impressive bounty of national parks. Its thriving marine habitat is a showcase of unbelievably translucent waters and delicate coral reefs that house a kaleidoscope of fascinating fish and sea life.

Holiday makers are drawn to the superb choice of holiday accommodation, from budget hostels to select, 5 star resorts, family hotels and inspirational spa and yoga retreats. Plus, a holiday in Krabi can be as laid-back or as full-on as you want it to be – from unwinding on the beach cocktail in hand, or cramming in some of the best diving and rock climbing sites on the planet, to exploring the seemingly endless selection of nature reserves and exciting visitor attractions.

Expats and tourists alike apparently cannot get enough of Krabi’s appealing climate, outdoor lifestyle, exceptional range of shopping facilities and tempting local cuisine. Then there is the Krabi nightlife – a decidedly chilled affair with a surprising collection of hip bars and a wide variety of restaurants catering to every taste and budget.

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